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Captain Diaz

State of the unit

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Good Day, 


If you have not heard already, yes the 82nd airborne division is being brought back to its entirety, with our air and ground assets. We will be having a new slew of mods, servers and some minor staff differences. This version of the 82nd will be more cleaned and refined, more planned out and original. We will be using a lot of the same documents and forms as we previously had. If you have been a member of the 82nd Airborne on or after December 01 2018 you will be grandfathered into the unit directly, if you would like to be grandfathered directly you need to create a website account and message me ( @Wyatt ) on the forums with your interest in returning. 


For new members who wish to join the unit, you will need to apply, you can do this now, however, it is worth noting that there will be NO training OR operations until end of March into early April - This is because we have to recreate everything from mod listings, to training maps to everything else -- if you know ANYONE who can help us with this please please please reach out to us!


If you are a returning member who RESIGNED OR WAS REMOVED from the unit BEFORE December 01 2018 you will have to reapply, ensure you use the same e-mail and screenname as you used previously, and make sure you tick the "previous member" item on the application - Returning members will require approval from one member within the company command, it is likely that you will be accepted, but it is just an extra layer of notice for our staff and unit management team. 


Again, If you or anyone you know is a map developer and would like to assist please reach out to us as soon as possible! 


We are extremely excited to get back into the 82nd, and we cannot wait for new operations!


Wyatt Diaz


C. Company - Commanding Officer


Bill Smith

First Lieutenant

C. Company - Executive Officer

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