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Welcome to the 82nd Airborne Website. Consider Registering an account to gain access to our PERSCOM System, Forums, Calendar and many other features. If you have any questions, join our unit Teamspeak, or Discord. 

Welcome to the 82nd Airborne Website!

Welcome to the official website for the 82nd airborne division (Charlie Company)  If you have any questions about our unit, feel free to join our Teamspeak 3 server, or Discord and speak with our MEPS team. 

Recruitment is open!

Recruitment is open for the 82nd Airborne! Visit our Forums to learn the open MOS Positions!

Operations & Training

Operations are on Friday and Saturday nights at 1700 US Central time, all training will be held on Sunday and Wednesday at 1700. 

Unit time is set at US Central unless otherwise noted, Website calendar adjusts to your timezone automatically. 


  1. Fort Bragg

    1. Announcements

      Announcements from the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer.

    2. Fort Closures

      A Place for Fort Closures, such as Teamspeak, and Server Closures. 

    3. Operations

      Operation Archives 

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    4. Unit Resources

      View this tab of the forums for Unit Resources. 

  2. Civilian Forums

    1. Civilian Lounge

      A Place for new account holders to hang out and chat. Feel free to create About me posts and get to know other members/applicants

       Advertisement of other Websites, Discords, Teamspeaks or ArmA units will result in an automatic account suspension. 

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    2. Questions

      New to the 82nd website? have an Enlistment question? Ask it here! 

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  3. Enlisted Forum

    1. Enlisted Lounge

      A Place for Enlisted Personel to get to know each other. Open to all discussions.  

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    2. Game Discussion

      Talk about new or upcoming games, conventions, TV Shows etc. 

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